Cotton Town | Taylor, Texas

Taylor, Texas
Closeup of north end (west side) of the 100 block, N. Main Street, Taylor, Texas

There is something about Taylor that captures my imagination. I am fascinated by what it has been, where it is now, and what it could become. Intrigued enough to make Taylor the theme of a photojournalism project (designed for Facebook) that wraps itself around STORIES, the stories of Taylor, TX.

Stories from the past contain hints for the present. Stories from the present remind us of where we’ve come from. Both — stories (and let us not forget that photos are stories in themselves) from the past and the present — contains seeds for future, what Taylor could become.

Cotton Town | Taylor, TX is an endeavor to explore the “why?” of Taylor, TX, why the town is as it is. Especially designed for Facebook the project has two components:

  • The photo page — The photo page contains my photos of Taylor and her surrounds grouped together by theme. The “Notes” section contains my essays on Taylor.
  • The group page — The group page affords an opportunity for residents and others interested in Taylor to express their stories, thoughts, and opinions. [To participate in the group conversations you must ask to join.]