Living in the Shadows of Society

In the series, “ Living in the Shadow of Society“, I seek to show the humanity of individuals who live in our midst but remain invisible to most, or worse yet, repugnant. Marginal people, people who march to a different drum than the societal norm. Yet, people who are, but for a different set of circumstances. just like you and I. People, who like you and I are God’s children.

In the photos some look at the camera with a twinkle in their eyes, while others look at the camera with hallow, vacant eyes, just seeking to exist. The first group makes us ask ourselves why their alternative lifestyle bothers us as it does? Perhaps, it is because they in the way they live point out the futility of our aspirations.

The latter group in their vacant life make us ask, “Why?” And, perhaps,we find the answer in our own “I want” driven complacency and agendas.